Castelão: modern, retractable and resistant seats

16/12/2012 - 14:21
Model chosen for the 67 thousand places at the Castelão uses technology that avoids the spread of flames and makes a reference to the flag of the state of Ceará

First 2014 World Cup stadium to be officially delivered, this Sunday (16.12), the Castelão will use the same type of seats as other famous sports centres in the world. In Fortaleza, fans will sit on the same seats as those found at the London Olympic Stadium; Soccer City, stage of the opening and final match of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa; and in the traditional Wembley Stadium in England.

The light green colour of the 67 thousand seats was developed specifically for the Castelão refers to the flag of the state of Ceará.

The seats were developed to be fire resistant - in the case of a fire the flames do not spread – and withstand ultraviolet rays. “The sun in Ceará is nice for those at the beach, but not for the material, as it decomposes", stated the World Cup Secretary of the state of Ceará Ferrucio Feitosa, who said that he followed resistance tests conducted on the seats using blow torches.

All seats are retractable – automatically retracted when there is no weight on them – and may only be ripped out using tools.

Photo: Glauber Queiroz/World Cup Portal#

The Castelão will have 52 boxes, divided in two levels. All will be furnished with more comfortable seats, tables, sofas, private lavatory, sink and counter. Each box will be able to cater for 25 people. In addition to them, there is the bigger presidential box, which may cater for 80 people and has its own exclusive kitchen.

The press will have 12 boxes during FIFA events, spread through a 6 thousand square metres area. After the World Cup, the number of press boxes will reach 24.

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» Sustainability, one of the traits of the project of the stadium in Fortaleza

» Accessibility: 2,4% of Castelão capacity will be reserved for wheel chair users, people with reduced mobility and obese people

» The pitch at the Castelão will be closer; the ground will also have big screens and changing rooms for up to four teams
» Security system at the Castelão has 240 cameras
» Shops and restaurants at the Castelão will open even when there are no matches

Vagner Vargas – World Cup Portal

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