Castelão ends World Cup participation with average attendance of almost 60,000 per match, 359,896 fans overall

04/07/2014 - 23:24
The stadium recorded a total audience of 359,896 people (98% average occupancy) in the six matches it held for the World Cup

During the six matches it held for the World Cup, the Castelão Arena (Fortaleza) received a total audience of 359,896 people - an average of 59,982 per match. Brazil's matches against Colombia and Mexico were the ones with the highest attendance: both had 60,342 fans, the maximum capacity of the arena for World Cup matches. The third largest attendance was in Germany vs. Ghana (59,621 fans), followed by Greece vs. Ivory Coast (59,095), Netherlands vs. Mexico (58,817) and Uruguay's defeat to Costa Rica (58,679).

The Castelão's full capacity is of 63,903 seats, but for the World Cup that number was decreased to 60,342 to make room for the press infrastructure assembled in the seating area. The occupancy rate in the arena for the six matches stood at 98%.

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Brazil vs. Colombia

Of the 60,300 tickets sold for the match between Brazil and Colombia, at least 47,500 were purchased by tourists. According to the Special Secretariat for World Cup Matters (Secopa) of Ceará, 27,500 tickets for the match were purchased by Brazilians and 20,000 others by foreign visitors. The United States were the foreign country whose tourists purchased the most tickets (3,400), followed by England (2,400) and Colombia (2,000).

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