Caruaru expects more than 1,5 million people on the St John's festivities until June 29th

25/06/2014 - 10:10
City invested even more on St. John's festivities this year to take advantage of the tourist influx during the World Cup and maintain the title of Brazil's largest and best "São João"

Cleide Passos/Open Media Centre - Recife#Considered the "capital of forró", Caruaru is attracting more tourists this year than ever to enjoy the St. John's festivities or São João, as it is called in Brazil. Although there are no World Cup  matches or training centres there, the city, located about 138km from Recife, is expected to welcome more than 1,5 million people to its parks, during 30 days of party, injecting around 200 million reais in the local economy, according to the City's Culture Department.

In Caruaru, the tourists can watch  quadrilhas ("square dances") that mixes traditional and contemporary elements. To take advantage of the tourist influx due to the World Cup and maintain the title of Brazil's largest and best St. John's celebration, Caruaru
invested more on the event this year, decorating the city with flags and  yellow and green balloons, also including the restoration of an abandoned area, transforming it into the World Cup square, where residents and visitors can admire the Brazilian team players who are part of the square decoration. All the figures were made by the city's artisans, who rely on the clay sculptures as their main source of  income.

The work was inspired on two of the main artisans of  Alto do Moura, widely known in all Brazil: among them, master Vitalino and José Antônio da Silva, Zé Caboclo and Marliete Rodrigues, specialist in clay miniatures who features a piece in the Guiness Book.

The  St. John's festivities in Caruaru has begun at May 31st, finishing at June 29th, date they celebrate  St. Peter (São Pedro) and when the last match takes place at Arena Pernambuco. This year the parks of Caruaru will offer 44 square dance groups, in traditional and customised style. However, in case the visitors dislike forró, there are also other music rhythms available, varying from rock to Brazilian Popular Music.

Source: Open Media Centre - Recife

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