Brazil played host to a million foreign tourists, from 203 different countries

15/07/2014 - 11:52
Survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism shows that hospitality and cuisine were the items that scored the highest points

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism shows that the country played host to tourists from 203 different countries during the World Cup. For most of them (61%), it was their first time in Brazil and they praised infrastructure and tourism related services. The items to score the highest points were hospitality and cuisine, with 98% and 93% approval rates respectively. According to information publicised by the federal government this Monday (14.07), one million foreign tourists visited the country during the World Cup. According to the survey, a total of 3,056,397 Brazilians travelled around the country during the tournament.

Brazilian public security was assessed positively by 92% of them. Taxis, tourist information and public transport received the seal of approval by nine out of every ten international tourist, while this number was eight out of ten when the subject was airports. “Brazil showed to be ready to host an event of this magnitude. We now have the challenge of changing the interest in business shown by foreign visitors into benefits for the population, generating employment and income", stated the Minister of Tourism Vinicius Lages.

The survey also shows that Brazilians are more critical than foreign nationals. Services and hospitality were considered positive by 90.5% of domestic tourists, while 83.8% of them thought the same of security. Stadiums got the seal of approval by 92% of Brazilian nationals, while this figure stood at 98.2% of foreign visitors.

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Beyond the 12 host cities

The survey also shows that the World Cup brought about benefits for more than the 12 host cities. Foreign tourists, who stayed in the country on average for 13 days, visited 378 Brazilian municipalities.

The survey was conducted by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and the Foundation Institute of Economic Research (FIPE). The survey interviewed 6,627 foreign visitors and another 6,038 Brazilians since the beginning of the World Cup.

In addition to the tourists, the survey listened to the opinion of the international press. Tourist attractions were the most well assessed item, getting the seal of approval by 98.4% of respondents, followed by nightlife and tourist information, 96.2% and 90% respectively. Practically all (96.5%) media professionals would recommend a trip to Brazil to their friends and family members.  

Source: Ministry of Tourism

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