Brazil launches new campaign for the promotion of the country as a tourist destination abroad

26/07/2012 - 11:03
Campaign will be rolled out in 100 countries and should reach 1.2 billion people. President Dilma Rousseff attended the launch in London

“The world meets in Brazil. Come celebrate life”. This is the theme of the new international campaign for the promotion of Brazil abroad launched by President Dilma Rousseff this Wednesday (25.07), at the London Film Museum.

The campaign has the aim of promoting the country with focus on the big sporting events Brazil will host in the next four years: the 2013 Confederations Cup, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, through the Brazilian Tourism Agency (EMBRATUR), the strategy is to show Brazil as a country with unique culture that offers several different experiences to all visitors.

The advertising campaign will be rolled out in over 100 countries and will probably reach 1.2 billion people. There will be adverts on TV, magazines, social networks, websites, as well as billboards, electronic display boards, bus stops, among others, in some countries. The campaign begins in London this July. In other countries, the advertising will start in August.

According to President Dilma Rousseff, this is the most opportune moment to invite the world to visit Brazil.  “We have shown that we too celebrate this Olympics, which are without a doubt, the best held so far. We always have to make the latest Olympics the best one of all times. I am sure that here in London, we shall experience this show. I am also certain that when it is Rio de Janeiro’s turn, we will do our part. All of you will be received well and we really hope that you come to meet us in Rio de Janeiro. Because one of life's great celebrations is sport", said the President.

In addition to Dilma Rousseff, the Ministers of Sport Aldo Rebelo; External Relations Antônio Patriota; Education Aloizio Mercadante; Tourism Gastão Vieira; the Secretary of Communication Helena Chagas; EMBRATUR President Flávio Dino; and the President of the House of Representatives Marco Maia, were at the launch.

The goal of the new campaign developed by EMBRATUR is to show a country that offers unique experiences.  “We are the sum of all rhythms that start getting you and when you notice it you are already dancing with us. We are the flavour and colours of our food. We are the art of the museums and the talent of our artists. Brazil is not easy to describe, but everyone can feel it. Feeling it is what really matters”, stated EMBRATUR President Flávio Dino. “We have a date with Brazil. The country's doors are open to tourists from all over the world", added the Minister of Tourism Gastão Vieira.

Dino added that the already known Brazilian attributes, diversity, modernity and interactivity are still part of the advertising campaign. But they have been reinforced with Brazil’s best traits, as assessed by foreign tourists in a survey. “The opinion surveys that we conduct every year with foreign tourists show that our great differential is our friendliness and the interaction of our people, and the film tries to explore that”, explained the President of EMBRATUR.

Watch the campaign video:

Sources: Ministry of Sport and Embratur

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