Brazil has promising future and will take up its role as a great power, states president of the World Economic Forum

22/01/2014 - 13:37
In a video, Klaus Schwab comments on the importance of 2014 for the country

This Monday (22.01), founder and executive president of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said that 2,500 political, business, civil society and academic leaders are looking forward to hosting president Dilma Roussef in Davos, in Switzerland. In an interview to the blog of Brazil's Presidential Palace, Schwab stated that the country has a very promising future and expects to hear president Dilma talk about how the nation will take up is role as a world power.

“2014 is a very important year for Brazil. It is the year of the World Cup, the year of the Brazilian presidency (…) and of course, it is also election year. We’re looking forward to listening to the president talk about her social inclusion policies. Because social inclusion is the problem, which is in the mind of those attending the annual forum in Davos”.

Source: Blog do Planalto

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