Brazil has done an incredible job in the World Cup, says United States Vice President

19/06/2014 - 00:55
While in the country, Joe Biden met with President Dilma Rousseff and watched the USA national team beat Ghana in Natal

Pictures: Getty Images e Roberto Stuckert Filho/PR#U.S. Vice President was in Natal, where he saw the U.S. team beat Ghana in a come-from-behind triumphJoe Biden, Vice President of the United States, has stated that Brazil is doing an incredible job in the preparation and execution of the World Cup matches. The statements came after a meeting with President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday this week (18 June). The Vice-President had a chance to see up-close how the World Cup is progressing while watching the North-American's victorious come-from-behind debut against Ghana in Natal.

Biden made a statement to the press at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, and joked that he became the "favourite grandfather in the family" for bringing his granddaughter and nephew to Brazil to watch the matches. “The three of us had a wonderful time last night. First of all, all the talk about the stadium... the stadium is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. And it met every expectation," he said.

The Vice President celebrated the North-American victory over Ghana. “Watching the United States win last night was a great thrill for us." And we got to go down to the locker room afterwards and I got to renew acquaintances with some of the players, in particularly our goalie, who played an incredible game last night," he completed.

Biden then concluded by praising the Brazilian organization: “With regard to what we’ve seen so far, Brazil has done an incredible job in preparing for and getting these games underway.”

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