Brazil and Netherlands fight for third place this Saturday in Brasilia

12/07/2014 - 01:00
The duel happens at the Mané Garrincha Stadium at 5 PM, with gates open at 2 PM

For any team dreaming of the title of FIFA World Cup Champion, the road to the top consists of seven matches. A path that the entire country has been climbing together with the Seleção since the beginning of the Brazil World Cup on June 12 all the way to the seventh and final step.

That step takes place this Saturday (12 July) at exactly 5 PM in Brasília’s Mané Garrincha National Stadium, as Brazil takes on the Netherlands for its seventh and final performance under the tournament. But alas, this particular seventh step is not the one Brazil and its fans have been dreaming of since the very first kick-off. Instead, the match is for third place in the tournament, with Brazil trying to scrape one final triumph to remove some of the bitter aftertaste from the 7-1 rout the Seleção suffered from Germany.

The Netherlands national team granted a news conference this Friday (11 July) late in the morning and immediately proceeded to hold its pre-match training session at the stadium. Coach Louis Van Gaal warned that his team will play for the win, and that he has every intention to go back home with a historic achievement for the Dutch in a World Cup: playing seven matches and leave the tournament undefeated on the pitch.

Brazil arrived in the country capital late in the afternoon and only had time for a news conference (no training session), with coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and captain Thiago Silva talking to journalists at the Mané Garrincha. The Seleção’s coach said his future at the helm of the team will depend on what the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) decides, and that his plans now are to finish the World Cup with a win that may bring some relief to the fans as Brazil bids farewell to the World Cup.

The bout will be the seventh match hosted in Brasília (and the Seleção's second visit to the city) for this World Cup: it was in the Mané Garrincha that Brazil thrashed Cameroon by 4-1 in the group phase, which stands as the Seleção's best score sheet in the competition so far. Total attendance at the Brasília arena has totalled 410,184 fans (average of 68,364 per match) on the 6 matches hosted until now, and the expectation is that attendance this Saturday will once again be in the vicinity of 68,000 spectators as all tickets have been sold.

Tips for fans

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The gates of the Mané Garrincha Stadium will open three hours before kick-off, i.e. 2 PM. Fans are advised to arrive early, with brasilienses (Brasília locals) and tourists alike free to enjoy the attractions offered by the city centre in the stadium's vicinity, such as the Brasília Planetarium (open from 8 AM to 2 PM) and the TV Tower.

There are also several entertainment areas available inside the stadium for fans to spend time before the match begins, including complete infrastructure with restaurants, bars and bathrooms.

The security operation on the perimeter around the stadium begins on the first minute of Friday (11 July), including blockades on the access roads surrounding the arena. In other roads, blockades may be set up from 11 am until up to 10 pm, and may be lifted before that time.

The tip is for people to leave home early and arrive early at the stadium. In addition, authorities recommend punters to take as few objects as possible to facilitate security related processes.

Source: Federal District Government#Click on image to increase it

Bus - Special lines

0.102 - Aeroporto/Rodoviária (every 30 minutes): R$ 2.00
108.8 - Rodoviária Interestadual/Rodoviária (every 30 minutes): R$ 2.00
0.104- Setor de Hotéis e Turismo Norte (Palácio da Alvorada)/Rodoviária (every 20 minutes) - R$ 1.50
Executiva 0.113 - Aeroporto/Setores Hoteleiros Sul e Norte (every 10 minutes) - R$ 8


It will operate from 07:00am to 10:00pm and will cost R$ 2.00


There will be a special taxi stand at Complexo Brasil 21. The traffic authority will help pedestrians cross the road.


All security related actions will be coordinated by the Regional Integrated Command and Control Centre (CICCR).  In total, there will 3,488 security professionals at the stadium. At the Fan Fest, this figure goes up to 1,404.

Public hospitals

- Hospital de Base (HBDF): Treatment for trauma, as well as neurological and cardiovascular problems;
- Hospital Regional da Asa Norte (HRAN): clinical and surgical emergencies;
- Hospital Materno Infantil (HMIB): healthcare services for expecting mothers and children

The ambulance service (SAMU) will operate 37 buses in all administrative regions of the Federal District.

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