Botanical Garden in Curitiba will use colours to pay homage to national teams

12/11/2012 - 15:32
The park’s green house, one of the city's traditional tourist sights, will have different lighting on celebratory dates

The green house of Curitiba’s Botanical Garden will have a new lighting system, with a set of lights that will allow for several lighting combinations. Led projectors will enable the green house to be lit with special colours on celebratory dates and during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

The Secretary of Public Construction Works of Curitiba Mario Tookuni explained that the new lighting system means that the green house may be lit up in the colours of the teams that will play in the city during the tournament. “The delegation’s plane will cross Curitiba’s sky and will see the green house with the colours of the countries that will play here”, he said.

The new system is expected to be delivered in the second fortnight of November, when it will be able to be visited by residents. The new lighting system will encourage night time tourism.

In addition to lighting the green house, which will have special projectors around it, new internal lighting will also be used to enable visiting by tourists. The system also allows for scenarios to be created and it simulates snow and stars.

Foto: Portal de la Copa/Ministerio del Deporte#

Source: Curitiba City Hall

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