Barra brava detained at the Mané Garrincha Stadium in Brasília

05/07/2014 - 19:02

Argentine barra brava Pablo Álvarez was detained this Saturday afternoon (5 July) at the National Stadium Mané Garrincha in Brasília. Brazilian and Argentine police authorities cooperated to identify the foreigner, who appears on the list of 2,000 Argentines with a history of violence banned from entering Brazil.

The identification of the Argentine national was the result of intelligence work conducted by Brazil’s Special Secretary of Safety and Security for Major Events of the Ministry of Justice, the Brazilian Federal Police, and Argentine police authorities. Alvarez will be deported to Argentina after providing depositions to the Brazilian Federal Police and to Argentine police authorities.

International Cooperation

The Center for International Cooperation of the Brazilian Federal Police is currently hosting 200 professionals from the 31 other countries with national teams playing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup and five guest nations, as well as members from the UN, INTERPOL and AMERIPOL.

Each participating delegation is operating in Brazil with an average of seven members, four of whom are traveling alongside their respective national teams and working in uniform in the stadiums where their national team plays. These foreign field officers are familiar with their team's fans and can assist with prompt, strategic interventions. They operate unarmed, however, and rely on Brazilian public safety authorities for assistance.

The three other members of each delegation work at the Cooperation Center in Brasília. They assist Brazilian authorities by sharing access to relevant databases and by conducting remote surveillance of all stadiums and national team movements through cameras that feed footage directly to a video wall installed at the Center. Members from all international delegations work in the same physical space, allowing for a constant exchange of information.

Source: Brazilian Ministry of Justice

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