Aldo Rebelo praises the tournament's organisation and Valcke says that "the World Cup is on the right track for success"

27/06/2014 - 15:33
Minister of Sport and FIFA Secretary-General assessed the tournament after the group stage

After the end of the World Cup group stage, the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo, FIFA Secretary-General Jerome Valcke and Ricardo Trade – CEO of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) – assessed organisational aspects of the tournament so far. During a press conference this Friday (27.06) at the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro,  Valcke praised the event's organisation.

“Brazil is on the right track for success in relation to the organisation of the World Cup. It looks like we’re going to have a fantastic World Cup, the World Cup of World Cups”, said the FIFA Secretary-General, who also showed to be pleased with the good football played by the 32 squads in the tournament, which has an impact on TV ratings in several countries. “Without a doubt, this World Cup will be one of the best on the pitch. We'll break some records in the next few days. The World Cup ratings are fantastic, particularly in the United States”.

Up to now, 3.09 million tickets were sold for the World Cup, almost three million people have attended the Fan Fests and on average, 51 thousand fans have attended each game. In order for the flow of people to take place smoothly, ensuring the show on the pitch, the federal government and the 12 host cities held 185 meetings to fine tune the operational plans.

“The effort sponsored by the three government levels has up to now, been successful in promoting the World Cup. We have ensured that the essential structure for the event runs smoothly. In addition, airports have met the increase in demand, law enforcement agencies have worked hard to protect everyone, without any serious incident being recorded. The accommodation sector has managed to supply for the hike in demand and urban mobility plans have worked well to ensure traffic isn’t too bad in the metropolises, particularly on match days. We can say that the World Cup is taking place in an atmosphere of normality, being successful on and off the pitch", detailed Aldo Rebelo.

The Minister also pointed out the economic and image related benefits brought about by the World Cup for the country, like the million jobs created as a result of the tournament and the 365 million dollars spent by foreign tourists in the national market.

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World Cup atmosphere

The party at the stadiums and how friendly Brazilians are are turning the World Cup in Brazil into a unique event, according to Aldo Rebelo. “In addition to the good football being displayed, the way Brazilian fans have welcomed everyone is another high point. The hospitality displayed, like the Pataxós tribe visiting the Germans, or even locals from Manaus, who had sometimes been misunderstood by the English media, welcoming England really well. The same goes for the population in Guarujá with the Bosnians. Thus, with their hospitality, the Brazilian people have helped to make this global reaching party and the government has played its role so that the World Cup could shine as much as possible".

Part of the party may be translated into figures presented by LOC, like 85 thousand fans attending different squads' training sessions, the accreditation of 156 thousand professionals, in addition to 14 thousand volunteers and 20 thousand stewards.

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