Action by EMBRATUR invites tourists to enjoy more sunny days in 2014

26/12/2013 - 18:31
Site calculates how many sunny days users experienced during the year, based on where they live and invites foreign tourists to enjoy more sunny days in 2014 in Brazil

This Tuesday, the Brazilian Tourism Board (EMBRATUR) released an international tourist promotion tool that has the aim of inviting foreign tourists to experience more sunny days in Brazil. It is a website that, based on their location, provides users with information about how many sunny days they experienced on average in 2013. Then, the tool invites visitors to enjoy more sunny days in 2014, in Brazil.

“The goal is to show the differential of the Brazilian summer. It is an interactive platform, which is part of a campaign to publicise Brazil as a tourist destination. All the visitor needs to do is type in where they live and they’ll know how many sunny days they had in 2013. Then, they'll be able to browse around and see our attractions from varied segments, such as: beach and sun, cultural tourism, ecotourism and others,” explains Walter Vasconcelos, EMBRATUR’s marketing director.

The tool can be found on, the country's official international tourist promotion website. The new platform is integrated to Facebook, which means that users may share their pictures on social networks.

» Find out how many sunny days you had in 2013 at


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