In a year, the Pernambuco Arena played host to 38 matches and 431 thousand fans

22/05/2014 - 11:28
Stadium in Recife was used during the Confederations Cup and shall be the stage of five World Cup matches

A year after staging its first match between Náutico and Sporting from Portugal, the Pernambuco Arena will be handed over to FIFA for final World Cup related preparations. From this Thursday (22.05) to 4 July, FIFA takes over the venue’s operations. The ground has been the stage of 38 matches since it was officially opened.

The structure has been completed tested by a crowd of 431 thousand fans over the last 365 days. Despite successful operations during matches, some specific simulations were required by FIFA, like checks of the electrical system.

“The ground hosted Confederations Cup matches as its first big test for the World Cup. Since then, we have operated over 30 games. Now, FIFA is again taking control of a stadium that they already know, which has been tested for the great show ahead", states Alexandre Gonzaga, CEO of the company that manages the venue.

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In its first year, the attendance of families with children and senior citizens stood out. In the major matches, an average of 450 children identification bracelets were handed out by the ground’s guides.

Reginaldo Costa is an example of this change in behaviour. He decided to celebrate his 73rd birthday with his wife, grandson and great-grandson (age 11) at a match at the stadium. “Our view is impressive. We sit very close to the players in complete safety and this increases the thrills of the game", he said.

People with reduced mobility also came to the stadium for the first time. Dilsa Vasconcelos – age 79 – had never had the courage to watch a match at a stadium. “It’s difficult for to move around and I feel much safer at the ground, in addition to all the comfort and accessibility van services provided”, she says.

Usually, 60 to 120 people with reduced mobility (senior citizens and people with disabilities) use the adapted van service per match.

» Figures related to the ground’ 1st year of operation

- 38 matches
- 431 thousand fans
- 5 regional derbies held, one an actual championship final
- 1st international competition (Confederations Cup)
- 1st club football international competition (South American Cup)
- 5 national competitions (Brazilian Championship – Series A and B -, the Northeast Cup, Brazil Cup and the Pernambuco State Championship)
- 35 clubs have played at the ground
- 1,500 people work during the operations for one match

Source: Pernambuco Arena

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