30% of the construction works of the Pernambuco Arena have been concluded

09/01/2012 - 19:03
The construction works of Recife’s stadium starts 2012 with 85.4% of its foundation and earthworks concluded

The Pernambuco Arena reaches the end of 2011 with 30% of its construction works concluded. With 2,115 workers working day and night shifts, the aim is to deliver the venue in time for the Confederations Cup, which will be held in June 2013. The earthworks, which were delayed because of winter rains, have been finished. The foundations are at the final stage, with 85.4% of the job completed.

28.5% of the arena´s physical structure has been built and it is expected to advance rapidly in 2012. In order to ensure that the structure is built at a fast pace, the pre-molded parts plant was increased and an area for cutting and bending steel was set up. In order to assemble the pre-molded parts, the building site has two cranes, one with 150 and the other with 200 tons. Two more cranes should arrive until April, with capacity for 400 tons.

Photo: Odebrecht#

The number of workers should reach 2,500 at the peak of construction, which should take place between February and March 2013. The month of December stood out because the first two levels of the venue´s stands were put up. 24 thousand square metres of stands begun to be put in and they are expected to be ready by November 2012.

Source: Secopa Pernambuco

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» 30% of the construction works of the Pernambuco Arena have been concluded


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