Mobility legacy emphasised in Cuiaba. New bidding process for seats will be held on 22 October

09/10/2013 - 10:07
FIFA Secretary-General and Minister of Sport visited the Pantanal Arena and inspected construction works aimed at improving traffic in Cuiaba

Glauber Queiroz / World Cup Portal#

After visiting the Pantanal Arena and the Sefas overpass, the FIFA Secretary-General Jérôme Valcke and the Minister of Sport Aldo Rebelo emphasised the urban mobility legacy that will be left behind for the people of Cuiaba after the 2014 World Cup. Indeed, the structure of the Sefaz overpass project is ready, which is part of the LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) implementation package between Varzea Grande and the capital of the state of Mato Grosso.

“I don’t want to compare cities, say that one is better than the other, that this stadium is better than that one, but we have to admit that Cuiaba is a unique city, if you take into account that they have made the most of the opportunity of staging a World Cup to lift the city to another level. I have to congratulate the city and the state. I think that when you think of legacy, Cuiaba will be ahead, because it’s using the World Cup for this”, said Valcke.

In the opinion of Minister Aldo Rebelo, a simple trip around Cuiaba is able to show how much is being done to improve mobility in the city. “To those arriving at the Marechal Rondon airport and going to the hotel or the stadium, the Great Cuiaba looks like a building site. Mobility projects will leave a great legacy behind and we can say that some of them are finished already. What we need is to continue to put the same amount of effort in so that the city is able to meet Brazil’s and the world’s expectation in relation to the staging of the tournament. And that the population of Cuiaba and the state of Mato Grosso is left with an important legacy not only in sport, but also in urban mobility", stated the Minister.

In addition to visiting the city and the stadium, the FIFA and federal government delegation, which also had former footballers Bebeto and Ronaldo with them – members of the Local Organising Committee -, met with Cuiaba’s Mayor Mauro Mendes and the Mato Grosso state governor Silval Barbosa to discuss the city's preparation for the World Cup.

“The stadium will be able to be delivered in the established deadline, which is December 2013", said the Minister of Sport.  “We’ve discussed all issues and deadlines and we’re happy with the answers we’ve received”, added the FIFA Secretary-General.

During the visit to the ground, two builders were given symbolic tickets on behalf of the 1,750 workers, which will allow each of them to watch a World Cup match in Cuiaba.


During the visit of the FIFA, LOC and federal government delegation to the Sefaz overpass, there was a protest by employees of the post office and teachers from state schools, who are on strike.  At the Pantanal Arena, protesters came onto the stadium’s building site bearing banners with messages.

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