World Cup Portal is designed to be a repository of information developed in various government levels on the 2014 World Cup and to provide media coverage of the progress of works

The objective of the World Cup Portal is to be the source of content on the FIFA 2014 World Cup produced by the Federal Government and the host cities. Here you will find the decisions made by the World Cup’s Executive Board; the progress of works in stadiums, airports and urban transport services; news on the Thematic Chambers working on areas such as venues, infrastructure, security, advertising, tourism, healthcare, culture, education, transparency, and sustainability.

The contents and news provided by Federal Government bodies that reflect the country’s preparation for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be featured in the World Cup Portal. For those visitors who would like to obtain more detailed information on specific topics, each news posting provides a link to the ministry or organisation that posted it.

It is a tool for media professionals and users in general to learn about the initiatives, investments and progress of works. Therefore the World Cup Portal is added to the Transparency Portal, provided by the Office of the Comptroller General, which is in charge of supervising the budget execution of the projects outlined in the Matrix of Responsibilities.

Pictures and videos showing the progress of works will be available from galleries in the World Cup Portal, as well as daily news and special reports by the team. This is how the World Cup Portal is committed to teaming up with Brazil for the organisation of an event that will live up to the expectations of Brazil and the world.

» Visit the Transparency Portal  (content in Portuguese)